A native of the Pennsylvanian Appalachians, I am a nature photographer presently located in Denver, Colorado. A geospatial analyst by profession, I spend my free time wandering landscapes in search of landscapes, nightscapes, and intimate natural scenes that embody the spirit of the natural world.

I strive to share my experiences of wild and scenic landscapes as the essence of nature in the rawest, purest form. I enjoy capturing the awe of sweeping landscapes to express our individual insignificance within the natural world. Equally, I revel in capturing intimate black and white abstracts to highlight the intricate details of nature. I love the warm ambiance of deserts, reflections and blurred motion of watery scenes, deep shadows of canyons, and the vibrant alpine glow of mountains at first light. Whether planning an epic excursion to capture a rare phenomenon or rambling without purpose off the beaten path until I am aroused by a special moment or marvel, I pursue my vision to inspire. I photograph untrammeled places, or iconic places with a new lens and share this new perspective with others. My hope in sharing these experiences is for others to value our wild places and public lands and to create their own experiences in nature.
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